1970s tv sitcom

MASH tv sitcom cast
MASH tv sitcom cast
MASH tv sitcom cast
MASH tv sitcom cast
MASH tv sitcom cast
MASH tv sitcom cast

The plot is set in military hospital during the Korean War - seems like not very good place for sitcom, but you would be surprised. Doctors are busy chasing nurses, nurses are busy avoiding doctors and the commander is trying to avoid being commander.

MASH cast

Alan Alda sitcoms as Benjamin Franklin Pierce

Best surgeon in MASH 4077. He is balanced between being responsible doctor and a prankster.
Gary Burghoff sitcoms as Walter O’Reilly

Corporal Radar O’Reilly is short and looks inconspicuous, but in practice he runs MASH 4077 while Henry Blake just signs everything Radar puts in front of him.
Larry Linville sitcoms as Franklin Marion Burns

Frank Burns has to share the tent with Pierce nad McIntyre (later Hunnicut), but he is the opposite from them - religious, abstainer and devoted by-the-book officer.
Wayne Rogers sitcoms as Trapper John McIntyre

Surgeon at 4077th, shares tent with Hawkeye and also his sense of humor.
McLean Stevenson sitcoms as Henry Blake

Commander of 4077th, although mostly on paper - he leaves all the important stuff on Radar’s shoulders and just signs everything he is told to.
Loretta Swit sitcoms as Margaret Hot Lips Houlihan

Officer of 4077th and often target of Hawkeye’s and Traper’s jokes. She is in on-off relationship with Frank Burns.
Mike Farrell sitcoms as B.J. Hunnicutt

Surgeon, Traper’s replacement.
Harry Morgan sitcoms as Sherman T. Potter

Commander of 4077th, who took over after Henry Blake left. Very strict, former cavalry officer.
Jamie Farr sitcoms as Maxwell Klinger

The most reluctant soldier in 4077th, Klinger will do anything to get out of army. Literally everything.

MASH supporting cast

William Christopher sitcoms as Francis Mulcahy

MASH 4077 chaplain often feels out of place surrounded by doctors and nurses enjoying each others company.
David Ogden Stiers sitcoms as Charles Winchester

Surgeon, who joined 4077th after Frank Burns left. His stand-offish nature and pompous character irritates Hawkeye every single day.
George Wood sitcoms as General Hammond

General in charge of the mobile hospitals, close friend of Hot Lips.
Herb Voland sitcoms as General Clayton

General in charge of the mobile hospitals.
Robert F. Simon sitcoms as General Mitchell

General in charge of the mobile hospitals.
Edward Winter sitcoms as Colonel Flagg

Intelligence officer, who maniacally seeks spies.
Allan Arbus sitcoms as Major Sidney Freedman

Psychiatrist, who helps 4077th staff from time to time. Mostly helps them get rid of their money during poker games.
John Orchard sitcoms as Ugly John Black
Odessa Cleveland sitcoms as Ginger Bayliss

Nurse at 4077th.
Kellye Nakahara sitcoms as Nurse Kellye

Nurse at 4077th.
Marcia Strassman sitcoms as Margie Cutler

Nurse at 4077th.
G.W. Bailey sitcoms as Sergeant Rizzo

Sergeant in charge of the motor pool.
Johnny Haymer sitcoms as Sergeant Zale

Sergeant in 4077th, usually in charge of supplies.
Patrick Adiarte sitcoms as Ho-Jon

Korean teenager, who helps around The Swamp.

Seasons of MASH

1972 Season 1
1973 Season 2
1974 Season 3
1975 Season 4
1976 Season 5
1977 Season 6
1978 Season 7
1979 Season 8
1980 Season 9
1981 Season 10
1982 Season 11

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