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Season 7  - MASH tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 7  - MASH tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 7  - MASH tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 7  - MASH tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 7  - MASH tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 7  - MASH tv sitcom episodes guide

The plot is set in military hospital during the Korean War - seems like not very good place for sitcom, but you would be surprised. Doctors are busy chasing nurses, nurses are busy avoiding doctors and the commander is trying to avoid being commander.

MASH Season 7 (1978)


Commander Pierce

With Potter in Seoul and Charles incapacitated, Hawkeye takes command of the 4077th – and soon learns how difficult it is to be in charge. This is the first episode featuring a mustached B.J. Hunnicutt, which he will keep for the remainder of the series.


Peace on Us

Hawkeye takes matters into his own hands when peace talks break down. This was the episode in which B. J. grows his mustache.



Radar gets jealous of Potter’s friendship with a colonel who’s come to the 4077th to inspect the nurses. Starring Carmen Mathews as Col. Lilian "Lil" Rayborn.


Our Finest Hour

A TV correspondent (Clete Roberts) interviews the 4077th about the war and home. This episode was filmed in black and white and features clips from past episodes including Henry Blake, Trapper John McIntyre and Frank Burns.


The Billfold Syndrome

Charles gives Hawkeye and B.J. the silent treatment, while Sidney is summoned to speak to a shell-shocked medic. Stanley Tischer and Larry L. Mills received Primetime Emmy and ACE Eddie Award nominations for editing this episode.


None Like It Hot

During a heat wave, Hawkeye and B.J. get a portable bathtub, Klinger tries another method of getting out of the Army, and Radar needs a tonsillectomy.


They Call the Wind Korea

A Manchurian wind threatens to cancel Charles’ plans for R&R in Seoul, so he enlists Klinger to take him there.


Major Ego

Charles’ ego inflates when a reporter comes to the 4077th to do a story about him after he saves a life in the OR. Note - Gary Burghoff does not appear in this episode.


Baby, It’s Cold Outside

During a cold snap, Charles makes everyone jealous with his winter coat, while Hawkeye must treat a patient with severe hypothermia. Gary David Goldberg won the Writers Guild Award for this episode.


Point of View

The 4077th is seen through the eyes of a Private Rich who can’t speak due to a throat injury. Charles Dubin received Primetime Emmy and Directors Guild Award nominations for this episode, while Ken Levine and David Isaacs received Primetime Emmy and Writers Guild Award nominations.


Dear Comrade

Charles’ new houseboy is actually a Korean spy sent to discover the secret of the 4077th’s success in medicine. Note - Gary Burghoff does not appear in this episode.


Out of Gas

Father Mulcahy volunteers to deal with black marketeers when there’s a shortage of sodium pentothal.


An Eye for a Tooth

Father Mulcahy is unhappy about not being promoted, while Hawkeye and B.J. heighten the prank war with Charles and Margaret. Note - Gary Burghoff does not appear in this episode.


Dear Sis

It’s almost Christmas as Father Mulcahy writes to his sister about feeling useless at the 4077th, but his deeds convince him otherwise.


B.J. Papa San

B.J. cares for a poor Korean family, while a general is unamused by Hawkeye’s bedside manner.



A female Swedish surgeon proves herself superior to Hawkeye and Charles – who vie for her affection. Alan Alda won the Primetime Emmy Award for writing this episode. Note - Gary Burghoff does not appear in this episode.


The Price

Hawkeye and B.J. keep a Korean draft dodger hidden, while Klinger tries to bribe his way out of the Army and Potter’s mare disappears.


The Young and the Restless

The surgeons of the 4077th, particularly Charles and Potter, are envious of a brilliant youngster who bruises their egos. Mitch Markowitz received a Writers Guild Award nomination for this episode.


Hot Lips is Back in Town

Margaret gets divorced from Donald, while Radar tries to assert himself with an attractive young nurse.



The 4077th takes shelter in a cave during a shelling but it doesn’t do anyone (especially a claustrophobic Hawkeye) any good. Note - Gary Burghoff does not appear in this episode.


Rally Round the Flagg, Boys

Colonel Flagg accuses Hawkeye of being a Communist for giving surgical priority to a wounded North Korean.


Preventive Medicine

Hawkeye plots to put a visiting commanding officer with the highest casualty rate in Korea off duty while also wrestling with BJ about the ethics of the situation.


A Night at Rosie’s

The whole camp seeks refuge at Rosie’s to get away from the war. First appearance of Scully


Ain’t Love Grand

Klinger falls for a classy nurse while Charles tries to reform a Korean business girl at Rosie’s. Note - Gary Burghoff does not appear in this episode.


The Party

B.J. tries to arrange a party for the staff’s stateside families, amid skepticism that it’ll ever happen.

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