Just Shoot Me!

1990s tv sitcom

Just Shoot Me! tv sitcom review
Just Shoot Me! tv sitcom review
Just Shoot Me! tv sitcom review

Jack Gallo is an eccentric owner of Blush, magazine about beauty, style and fashion. He has chosen quite strange set of characters to work with him, but one day his estranged daughter visits him to ask for a job.

Just Shoot Me! was one of the rather typical sitcoms of 1990s with a lot of one-liners and perhaps not very original characters, but Steven Levitan managed to turn it into another Wings - even when the ideas around the jobs of main characters exhausted the series was still going on without losing much of the value.

On one hand it wasn’t the greatest comedy series in history, but most of the episodes (especially at the beginning) were high quality and only after season 5 the whole atmosphere wasn’t working as good as expected. Overall quite good fun, good atmosphere, good cast and interesting characters.


Just Shoot Me! comedy series7.6


Just Shoot Me! funny7 / 10


Just Shoot Me! entertaining4 / 5


Just Shoot Me! characters5 / 5


Just Shoot Me! nonrepetitive3 / 5

Seasons of Just Shoot Me!

1997 Season 1
1997 Season 2
1998 Season 3
1999 Season 4
2000 Season 5
2001 Season 6
2002 Season 7

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 Just Shoot Me! Just Shoot Me!

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