Just Shoot Me!

1990s tv sitcom

Season 6  - Just Shoot Me! tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 6  - Just Shoot Me! tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 6  - Just Shoot Me! tv sitcom episodes guide

Jack Gallo is an eccentric owner of Blush, magazine about beauty, style and fashion. He has chosen quite strange set of characters to work with him, but one day his estranged daughter visits him to ask for a job.

Just Shoot Me! Season 6 (2001)

This season changed the life of Nina - first her best friend Binnie has died and later she meets her daughter that she gave up for adoption years before. But that isnít the big news...


Finch in the Dogg House

Finch, fired by Jack, finds a new job as assistant to rap star Snoop Dogg. Jack tries to get him back, which wonít be easy.


The Two Faces of Finch, part 1

Finch finds out that Betsy, a woman that used to copy his all personality, is now hired in the building as a security guard.


The Two Faces of Finch, part 2

Maya confronts Jack asking him for a raise.


Bye Bye Binnie

Nina worries the whole staff when she is carrying the urn with her friendís Binnie ashes everywhere she goes.


Maya Judging Amy

Mayaís new assistant, Amy, gathers all the attention in the office with her good looks, but Maya sees her other side when Amy goes over Mayaís head with her idea for the article.


Finch Chasing Amy

Finch and Elliot compete for the affections of Amy, who became the magazineís new sex columnist.


The Impossible Dream

Amy decides to separately date both Finch and Elliot. When Kevin declines Jackís offer of a raise Jack is determined to prove that money is important to everyone.


The Haves and the Have-Mores

Jack is determined to impress his billionaire peer. Maya helps a Kevin getting over his obsession with Nina.


Christmas? Christmas!

Kevinís cousin, who turns out to be Ray Liotta, visits the Blush Christmas party and discovers that Maya shares his passion for Christmas atmosphere.


Nina Van Mom

Nina is visited by the daughter she gave up for adoption years before. They discover they have absolutely nothing in common...


Nina Van Grandma

When Nina meets her granddaughter she finds that she has more in common with her than with the daughter.


Liotta? Liotta!

Maya dates Ray Liotta, who under her influence descides to quit showbusiness.


About a Boy

Finch pretends to be the father of a small child to trick a hot, but not very bright, Canadian au pair into sleeping with him.


Friends and Neighbors

Finch and Kevin move into the apartment just across from Maya, but when there is opening in college Finch decides to move out.


Blind Ambition

While taking a television course at college, Finch begins to make a television show in which he humiliates the guests. Well... a guest.


A Beautiful Mind

Maya dates a kind and good looking, but not very bright exterminator. Finch and Elliot pay Kevin to eat disgusting foods.


Educating Finch

Elliot displays a nude photo of Maya at an art gallery without her consent. Dismayed at Finchís failing grades, Jack hires him a tutor.


The Book of Jack

Jack takes some time off to write the "Great American Novel", but after suffering from writerís block he pays someone else to write it for him.


Blush Gets Some Therapy

After an argument among the staff scares off an important client, Jack hires a corporate therapist to fix the problem. But the methods of the therapist are highly questionable.


The Burning House

Documenaty-like look behind the scenes when Finch is making his first movie called "The Burning House" and manages to get David Hasselhoff to star in it.


The Bad Grandma

Elliot feels rejected after his grandmother chooses to spend all her time with Finch.


The Boys in the Band

Nina is embarrassed when she finds out that her new boyfriend is in air guitar band with Kevin and Finch.

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