Hogan’s Heroes

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Season 1  - Hogan’s Heroes tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 1  - Hogan’s Heroes tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 1  - Hogan’s Heroes tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 1  - Hogan’s Heroes tv sitcom episodes guide

Colonel Hogan leads the prisoners in German camp during the II World War and do everything he can to spoil plans of German war machine. And he can do, surprisingly, a lot.

Hogan’s Heroes Season 1 (1965)


The Informer

The routine assistance of an escaped prisoner becomes complicated when the POWs discover a spy in their midst.


Hold That Tiger

Hiding a tiger tank in the camps rec hall is no trouble for Col. Hogans team. Hiding a woman in the barracks is another matter.


Kommandant of the Year

To give a scientist access to a rocket being kept in Stalag 13, Col. Hogan arranges for Kommandant Klink to receive an award.


The Late Inspector General

Running a model POW camp is the only thing Klink has ever done well and hes about to be promoted if the prisoners cant succeed in making him look bad.


The Flight of the Valkyrie

Hogans plan to smuggle a baroness out of Germany is put in jeopardy when the Stalag receives a new senior POW who doesnt believe the prisoners should be engaged in espionage.


The Prisoners Prisoner

Having kidnapped a German general, Hogan must convince General Schmidt that he is in need of medical attention in order to learn the location of his attack center.


German Bridge Is Falling Down

After an Allied bombing mission fails to take out the Adolf Hitler bridge, Hogans team robs the camp arsenal to get the job done via sabotage.


Movies Are Your Best Escape

With guards combing the woods for two escapees, Hogan will have to make the Germans nervous enough to drop their guard if he wants to deliver battle plans to London.


Go Light on the Heavy Water

A barrel of heavy water is on its way to Berlin where it will be used in atomic research if Hogan cant find a way to steal it.


Top Hat, White Tie and Bomb Sights

After Col. Klink bugs Hogans quarters, the team scripts their own radio dramas in order to convince Klink that Hogan is a Nazi sympathizer.


Happiness Is a Warm Sergeant

Sergeant Schultz is relieved of his post after being found drunk on duty. Its up to the POWs to get rid of the new sergeant and rescue Schultz career.


The Scientist

Corporal LeBeau masquerades as a French chemist while the prisoners smuggle the real scientist out of Germany.


Hogans Hofbrau

Two ruthless officers threaten Klink into pledging much more than he can afford as a gift to the Fuhrer, leaving Hogans team to come up with the cash to protect the commandant.


Oil for the Lamps of Hogan

When General Burkhalter threatens to close Stalag 13, Hogan convinces the Germans that theyre sitting on an oil well.


Reservations Are Required

The escape business becomes complicated when twenty escapees from Stalag 9 arrive on the doorstep.


Anchors Aweigh, Men of Stalag 13

London reports the escape sub is out of commission, leaving Hogan to build a boat to get his current escapee back to England.


Happy Birthday, Adolf

The Allies probing raid is going in end in a very happy birthday for Hitler if Hogans team cant knock out a line of anti-aircraft guns.


The Gold Rush

When the Nazis store a truck filled with gold bricks looted from France at Stalag 13, the prisoners only have one objective: stealing as much as they can.


Hello, Zolle

London asks Hogans team to keep German General Stofle occupied at Stalag 13 while the Allies attack his command post. Plans grow complicated when Gestapo agents make an inspection of the camp.


It Takes a Thief... Sometimes

When Hogans new underground contacts turn out to be Gestapo agents, it will take some misdirection and quick thinking to save the team from their new friends.


The Great Impersonation

Hogan recruits Schultz to play the part of Kommandant Klink after Carter, Newkirk and LeBeau are captured while on a sabotage job.


The Pizza Parlor

Hogan decides the best way to win an Italians heart is with his native food when he prepares to recruit an Italian POW commandant to his side of the war.


The 43rd, a Moving Story

Hogans plan to relocate a mobile anti-aircraft battery is threatened when Klinks new executive officer proves to be power hungry and very efficient at his job.


How to Cook a German Goose by Radar

A new prisoner irritates everyone until he reveals himself to be a general in need of assistance in directing a bombing mission.


Psychic Kommandant

The prisoners have a brief window of time to sabotage a new noiseless plane engine before the Luftwaffe high command arrives to observe its test flight.


The Prince from the Phone Company

The prisoners need cash to process escapees. Fortunately, an African prince just landed in camp who the Germans want to bribe. Doubly fortunate, he looks a lot like Sergeant Kinchloe.


The Safecracker Suite

Hogan imports a safecracker from London to protect the secrets of a man who was in on a conspiracy to kill Hitler.


I Look Better in Basic Black

The Stalags newest prisoners are a trio of beautiful women with information which would be useful to Hogan if he could get past their many admirers to talk to them.


The Assassin

Hogans plan to assassinate an atomic scientist runs afoul when Group Captain Crittendon insists on helping.


Cupid Comes to Stalag 13

Hogan plays matchmaker when Gen. Burkhalter suggests that Col. Klink consider marriage.


The Flame Grows Higher

Hogan, Newkirk and LeBeau run the escape route toward London in search of traitors along the way.


Request Permission to Escape

Sergeant Carter requests to escape back to the U.S. after his girlfriend sends him a Dear John letter.

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