2000s tv sitcom

Girlfriends tv sitcom review
Girlfriends tv sitcom review
Girlfriends tv sitcom review

Series centered around the lives of four African American women in Los Angeles.

The series were created around four girlfriends lives and their everyday problems, but with time the problems were dominating the plots and there wasn’t enough time to put a bit of comedy in it. The plots around bankrupcies, breakups, failed realationships, etc. are varying from boring to boring and depressing.


Girlfriends comedy series4.4


Girlfriends funny4 / 10


Girlfriends entertaining2 / 5


Girlfriends characters3 / 5


Girlfriends nonrepetitive2 / 5

Seasons of Girlfriends

2000 Season 1
2001 Season 2
2002 Season 3
2003 Season 4
2004 Season 5
2005 Season 6
2006 Season 7
2007 Season 8

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