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Season 6  - Girlfriends tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 6  - Girlfriends tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 6  - Girlfriends tv sitcom episodes guide

Series centered around the lives of four African American women in Los Angeles.

Girlfriends Season 6 (2005)


Fits & Starts

Following their reunion at his wedding, Maya and Darnell remarry in Las Vegas. However, they soon begin to bicker over their living arrangements. Todd refuses Toni’s request for a divorce, insisting that they must stay together for Morgan. Lynn gets engaged to a lesbian after stopping her from committing suicide. William is very excited about Lynn being a lesbian, while Toni and Joan are nonplussed. Lynn soon discovers that her fiancée is extremely dysfunctional and demanding. Joan and William spend the night together, but discover that they are not physically compatible.


Odds & Ends

Maya and Darnell continue to bicker. They ultimately decide to stay married, but date each other so that they can make a fresh start. Toni and Todd re-consider their divorce, but eventually realize that it is the best thing for all parties. Lynn tells Joan that she is not a lesbian; she only got engaged to Jennifer to stop her from killing herself. However, Lynn has a difficult time breaking off the relationship because of Jennifer’s delicate mental state. Joan is angry with William for divulging details of their failed night together with Lynn. The two wind up commiserating about their romantic problems.


And Nanny Makes Three

Toni wants to hire a nanny to help care for Morgan, but Todd convinces her that they should wait until after they have bonded with their daughter. Toni has great difficulty adjusting to motherhood, but pushes Todd away when he tries to help her. Todd grows very frustrated at Toni’s irresponsible behavior, particularly when she accidentally locks Morgan in the apartment. After Toni fails to show for Morgan’s first doctor’s appointment (instead sending her with a nanny), Todd fears that she doesn’t care for the child and decides to take action. Meanwhile, Joan becomes fed up with Maya and Lynn, who constantly eat at the badly struggling J-Spot without ever offering to pay for their meals.


Latching On and Lashing Out

Darnell moves into the apartment directly across from Maya. They continue to deal with control issues, as Darnell objects when Maya implements a three-month "no sex" rule and tries to goad him into attending a party at Joan’s restaurant. Jennifer comes to believe that Lynn is in love with Joan, as she avoids sex and constantly runs off to Joan’s. Lynn tries to calm her by arranging for a commitment ceremony at the restaurant. Joan urges Toni to begin breast-feeding to help her cause in the custody battle. Toni eventually gets Morgan to relax and accept her, but Joan does not approve of her methods.


Judging Edward

When his mother undergoes an operation, William flies home to be by her side and must deal with his gruff and overbearing father, who refuses to offer his approval for anything William does. Meanwhile, Toni makes the girls feel guilty for failing to include her in their plans. They invite her to the movies, where she constantly complains about being cooped up with the baby and irritates other patrons with her loud talking.


Everything Old is New Again

Joan considers giving up on the restaurant and returning to law. She blows a chance at an interview, but attracts the attention of one of the partners at a law firm. He urges her to follow her dream and keep the restaurant open, and pursues her romantically. Joan is reluctant to date him because he is much older than she is, but he is persistent. Meanwhile, Maya has trouble coming up with a concept for her second book, leaving the publishers impatient.


Trail and Errors

William recommends that Toni work things out with Todd before the case goes to court, but they are unable to come to an agreement. Toni goes into the hearing to determine temporary custody with a completely incompetent lawyer and a mountain of evidence against her. Meanwhile, Joan refuses to believe that Kenneth is not taking Viagra, and winds up snooping in his medicine cabinet. Maya, Lynn and Toni tease William mercilessly after learning that he is seeing a much younger woman.


Hot Girl on Girl Action

Jennifer refuses to put up with any more of Lynn’s attempts to dodge sex. Lynn shocks her friends by announcing that she plans to go through with it. Meanwhile, the girls interfere with William’s relationship with his new girlfriend, Jasmine, by pointing out his attempts to control her. William discovers this and rebuffs their advice, claiming that their bitterness over their own problems with men is actually behind their behavior.


Sleeping Dogs

Maya convinces a reluctant Darnell to spend the evening with her friends. He ends up having a good time, as he and William square off against the girls in a "battle of the sexes." After Joan claims she would be willing to date a blue-collar guy, Maya and Darnell set her up with his friend Ricky. Ricky claims that Darnell slept with a stripper the night before reuniting with Maya, leading to friction between the couple. William gets very excited about the possibility of replacing Ricky as Darnell’s friend.


My Business, Not Your Business

After intense discussion with her friends (including a generous offer of financial assistance from Maya and Lynn), Joan finally decides to shut down the J-Spot. However, William urges her to re-consider after he finds some success using the restaurant as a sports bar. Although the business is finally making some money, Joan is unhappy because it doesn’t fit with her initial vision for the place.


All God’s Children

Toni and Todd set aside their differences to celebrate Morgan’s first Christmas and Hanukkah. Their mothers clash constantly, and soon begin pressuring Toni and Todd about the child’s religious upbringing. After a talk with his mother, Todd tells Toni that he will drop the custody suit if she agrees to raise the child Jewish. Meanwhile, Maya is upset to learn that Darnell switched churches during their separation.


The Music in Me

Lynn’s friends note that she and Jennifer have become increasingly dependent on each other, and warn her to correct this problem. Lynn becomes extremely depressed after a therapist convinces Jennifer to end the co-dependent relationship. The girls try to cheer her up and convince her to resume her pursuit of music. Meanwhile, William’s assistant, Avery, turns to Maya for help—and later turns to desperate measures—when William severely overworks him.


The It Girl

Joan makes a connection with a writer who is researching the J-Spot as part of an article about the hottest night spots in Los Angeles. However, she fears that their personal relationship is responsible when she unexpectedly makes the cover of the magazine. She also meets a hot basketball star who seems interested in her. Meanwhile, William gives Lynn a guitar in the hopes of encouraging her music career. She proceeds to annoy everyone with her original compositions.


Work in Progress

Darnell feels emasculated after Maya must pay for a dinner out because his credit card was rejected. However, after a talk with the girls, he decides to take advantage of Maya’s financial success by selling his share of the garage and pursuing his dream of working a NASCAR pit crew. Maya is less than thrilled by this news. Meanwhile, William, hurt that the girls turn to Darnell instead of him when they need something fixed, makes a mess of Joan’s house as he tries to prove himself.


Oh Hell Yes: The Seminar

Maya conducts a seminar in the hopes of increasing book sales.


Game Over

Toni turns to Joan for support when the increasingly difficult custody battle strains her finances. However, Joan’s improved social standing makes it impossible for Toni to rely on her. Joan accuses Toni of jealousy, and the two get into a bitter argument. Meanwhile, Darnell teaches William how to play video games, but soon grows very annoyed with his cockiness.


I’ll Be There for You... but Not Right Now

Maya and Darnell ask Toni to help them find a home, but she neglects them when dates with an old boyfriend add to her already hectic life. Meanwhile, Joan keeps canceling planned outings with William to attend celebrity-filled events.


The Game

Joan’s cousin, an aspiring med student wants to give up her future for a pro athlete. (The backdoor pilot episode for a "Girlfriends" spinoff).


It’s Raining Men

Joan dates three men all at once. William reunites with his old girlfriend Monica.


I Don’t Wanna Be a Player No More

Joan finally decides to break it off with Derrick and Kurtis, Meanwhile, Toni gets thrown into jail after having a fight with Tammy, who allegedly set her up to get carjacked.


Party Over Here/Ain’t Nothing Over There, part 1

In this first half hour of the special one hour season finale of ’Girlfriends’, Maya and Darnell move into their new house, Toni and Todd try to come to a settlement, William pursues Monica, Joan attends an A list party, and Lynn writes a song revolving around the girls and how the four are drifting apart.


Party Over Here/Ain’t Nothing Over There, part 2

In this second half hour of the special one hour season finale of ’Girlfriends’, Toni and Todd prepare for the custody battle, William runs into Monica and insist to rekindle the old flame, Maya learns of Darnell’s offer to Florida to join a pit crew, and Joan’s night ends as bad as the next day begins.

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