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Season 5  - Get Smart tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 5  - Get Smart tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 5  - Get Smart tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 5  - Get Smart tv sitcom episodes guide

James Bond parody - Maxwell Smart is a secret agent of CONTROL agency, who’s job is to stop agents of KAOS from completing their evil plans.

Get Smart Season 5 (1969)


Pheasant Under Glass

Professor Pheasant is being held prisoner by KAOS within an impregnable glass dome. Smart and 99 try everything to break the glass but have to flee when KAOS agents discover their rescue attempt. On their way out, 99 reveals to Max that sheís pregnant. The Chief organizes another rescue attempt by using a CONTROL operatic singer whose high notes can shatter any type of glass with Max undercover as her accompanying pianist.



IH Industries acquires KAOS, led by a man with an iron fist named Ironhand. He manages to infiltrate CONTROL headquarters, but did not find what he was looking for: the Anti-Anti-Anti-Missile-Missile plans. The Chief decides the best way to transport the plans to safety is to assign Max and 99 to Operation Baby Buggy Switch.


Valerie of the Dolls

CONTROL finds out that KAOS is planning to destroy California by using a very powerful bomb whose formula is being delivered in 3 parts. The Chief and Max track down one of the parts to the Valerie School for Expectant Fathers and then enroll as students to find out the method used to deliver the formula.


Widow Often Annie

The Chief orders Max to romance and betroth Ann Cameron, a beautiful widow suspected of murdering her 12 CONTROL agent husbands for their life insurance money, which she then donates to KAOS. Unfortunately, the wedding coincides with The Smartsí first wedding anniversary, much to 99ís dismay.


The Treasure of C. Errol Madre

KAOS heists 5 straight federal payrolls, putting CONTROL into severe financial straits. The Chief sends Max, disguised as recently-deceased prospector Frogsie Debbs, to Mira Lodo, Mexico, to find Debbsí old partner C. Errol Madre. Debbs and Madre had charted a map leading to a gold find, with each keeping one half of the map until one day they join forces again to get the gold. A successful impersonation of Debbs by Max could recover enough gold to help restore CONTROLís operations.


Smart Fell on Alabama

Because he failed to retrieve a little red code book from a KAOS courier, Max has to train three skilled convicts (a pickpocket, strongman, and safe-cracker) to break into a highly fortified mansion where the code book is being kept. The mansion just happens to belong to a southern Colonel who owns a successful chain of restaurants.


And Baby Makes Four, part 1

CONTROL has been looking for the location of the new KAOS headquarters for the last 4 months. A new lead has Max doing the surveillance of the bus station on the lookout for KAOS agent Simon the Likable, who will receive directions on how to get to the new headquarters covertly slipped into his trenchcoat while its rests on a coat hook. Max receives a call from 99, saying itís time to go to the hospital to give birth. Max rushes out, taking Simonís coat by mistake; Max had instructions on how to get to the hospital in his coat.


And Baby Makes Four, part 2

Max discovers their destination is actually the new KAOS HQ. Grabbing 99, they promptly escape and head for the hospital with KAOS in hot pursuit. Upon arrival and with 99 safe in the delivery room giving birth to twins, a showdown ensues in the hospital lobby between CONTROL, KAOS, and 99ís mother.


Physician Impossible

Max has Big Eddie Little in custody but his friends help him escape. Max is able to wound him but he gets away. While visiting their newborns at the hospital, Max and 99 are mistaken for a doctor and his nurse who are then kidnapped to Eddieís hideout to treat the gunshot wound inflicted by Max.


The Apes of Rath

Six CONTROL agents have been murdered in the last month by someone with incredible strength. The only clue is that each agent received a banana in the mail the morning that they were killed. It is soon deduced that the killer is an ape. 99 alerts Max that heís received a banana, prompting the Chief to assign Agent 77, Chuck Armstrong, to protect Max.


Age Before Duty

Max is bewildered when his young 28-year-old contact dies of old age. It turns out that KAOS has paid $100,000 to a person who has developed voodoo paint, which causes aging once the paint is applied on the photo of the intended target. Before long, everyone at CONTROL is aging rapidly, except Larrabee.


Is This Trip Necessary?

KAOS pharmacist Jarvis Pym threatens to poison the Washington water supply with a hallucinogenic drug which causes people to suffer bad dreams. The title is from the World War II slogan to limit the amount of wartime travelling.


Ice Station Siegfried

Itís August but Max and the Chief are snowed in at Miami. In fact, the weather is unusually erratic all over. The Chief assigns 99 while the CIA assigns Agent Quigley to investigate who may be manipulating the weather this way. A lead sends the duo to Wolf Jaw, Canada where they make contact with two Royal Canadian Mounted Police constables: Siegfried and Shtarker.


Moonlighting Becomes You

After 99 objects to doing simple assignments after marriage and motherhood, the Chief assigns her to find out how a radio drama is transmitting coded messages to KAOS.


House of Max, part 1

Max and 99 go to London to investigate a modern-day Jack the Ripper, and to meet another evil Waxman.


House of Max, part 2

After surviving an attack by a wax werewolf, Max covertly infiltrates the wax museum. He poses as a wax sculpture of Hitler in order to catch Duval in the act of bringing his waxworks (some of which include W.C. Fields and Laurel and Hardy) to life in order to kill.


Rebecca of Funny-Folk Farm

Max drops a courier package from a plane and it lands on the roof of a mansion. In an effort to retrieve the package, Max and 99 have to infiltrate the house and deal with the kooky inhabitants. The matriarch of the household, Mrs. Van Hooten, thinks that 99 is her long-lost sister Rebecca.


The Mess of Adrian Listenger

While attending the funeral of the latest CONTROL Agent who was mysteriously killed, Max, 99, and The Chief are shocked to find a carved headstone with Maxís name on it. It is believed that Adrian Listenger, a CONTROL spy school dropout, is taking his revenge by systematically killing off agents who got him expelled ó and his hit list includes both Max and the Chief.


Witness for the Execution

KAOS agent Dietrich has decided to defect and become an informant. Although this is good news, the Chief is still concerned, seeing that no KAOS defector has ever lived long enough to testify. With the Smartsí nanny unavailable, the Chiefís plan is to have Dietrich disguised as the nanny and staying with Max. The local KAOS branch hires the Exterminator, a top assassin (and accountant) for hire, who uses his arsenal of booby traps, arrows, and bombs to try to kill Dietrich.


How Green Was My Valet

Max and 99 pose as valet and maid at the Bulmanian Embassy in order to recover a stolen sample of rocket fuel. Meanwhile, Larabee and the Chief have to babysit the twins... with hilarious results.


And Only Two Ninety-Nine

Max comes home from work one evening to find 99 in bed, with a black eye. Sheís actually an impostor ó the real 99 (who gave her the black eye) was kidnapped by KAOS but had escaped, and was now with the Chief ó but the Chief orders Max to pretend that heís taken in by the deception while 99 and the Chief try to find out what KAOS is up to.



Max and the Chief investigate a series of security leaks that seem to be connected to a chain of Roman Bath spas.


Whatís It All About, Algie?

Max poses as a gardener to infiltrate a nursery that is selling plants with hidden surveillance bugs to key people in Washington. The nurseryís owner, Algie DeGrasse, starts to suspect that Max is actually from CONTROL and plans to feed him to his newest acquisition: a giant man-eating plant.


Hello, Columbus Ė Goodbye, America

CONTROL has learned that the direct descendant of Christopher Columbus, Gino Columbus, is the rightful owner of the United States. Max is assigned to guard Gino once he flies in to Washington and meets with the President to sign the country back over. However, Max and Gino are captured by KAOS, who would prefer that Gino sign over America to KAOS.


Do I Hear a Vaults

The Chief meets Smart at a public library to recover a special book. The book is a master list of CONTROL agents but its hiding place has now been compromised. Max and Larrabee transport the book in an armored car to a bank vault, but Max accidentally locks the vault door on both the Chief and Larrabee. As the vault only has a limited amount of air, Max and 99 decide to get an imprisoned safecracker but come back with a convicted master forger instead. Will the Chief and Larrabee be freed in time?


I Am Curiously Yellow

While investigating a villain known as the Whip, Max is hypnotized by his special gong to obey his every command at specific times. Max is eventually instructed to steal the NARCO 5-12, a powerful prototype weapon, from the Chiefís safe. When the Chief confronts Max about the theft, he has no recollection of it.

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