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Season 5  - Friends tv comedy series episodes guide
Season 5  - Friends tv comedy series episodes guide
Season 5  - Friends tv comedy series episodes guide
Season 5  - Friends tv comedy series episodes guide

School time friends begin to live together in two flats in New York City, but their emotions from the past begin to affect their present love and career choices.

Friends Season 5 (1998)


The One After Ross Says ’Rachel’

After having said the wrong name at the altar, Ross tries to patch up things with Emily. Monica and Chandler try to find some alone time in London but can’t seem to get any. Upon returning to New York, the couple attempt to put their brief fling behind them only to find that some feelings can’t be ignored. A prank to Monica’s and Chandler’s utter dismay, the film My Giant has kept them from having sex, in London as well as on the plane to the USA.


The One with All the Kissing

Monica and Chandler try to hide their relationship but kiss in front of the others, accidentally. Chandler then kisses Rachel and Phoebe, which Monica then explains as his ’European thing.’ Eventually all three girls put a stop to it (this includes Monica). Monica is put in charge of Rachel’s love life because Rachel believes that she makes bad decisions, and Phoebe’s water breaks and is upset that her bond with the triplets is coming to an end but glad she no longer has to do "pregnant stuff." Rachel tells Ross she is still in love with him, however once she does the two of them realize how ludicrous the situation is and decide not to do anything.


The One with the Triplets

Phoebe gives birth to her brother’s triplets. Joey gets sick at the hospital, with kidney stones. Chandler tells Monica that he is just goofing around in their relationship and Monica threatens to date one of Phoebe’s male nurses, but they kiss and make up at the end.


The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS

Joey gets a job at a PBS telethon which prompts Phoebe to reveal that she hates PBS. He tells her that there is no such thing as a selfless good deed and she tries to find one to prove him wrong. Emily finally contacts Ross and they decide to give their relationship another try and she agrees to come to New York – if Ross promises to stop being friends with Rachel. Ross doesn’t immediately answer, but when Rachel (not knowing Emily’s demand) tells him that he needs to do whatever he needs to in order to get his wife back Ross agrees. When Rachel reveals that Monica said her new "secret boyfriend" (who is Chandler) was the "best sex she ever had", Chandler begins to gloat, much to Monica’s dismay.


The One with the Kips

Chandler and Monica go away for the weekend but spend the entire time fighting after Monica insists on constantly changing rooms due to her high standards whilst Chandler tries to watch a car chase on TV. Ross tells Rachel about his agreement with Emily, and he and Rachel get into a fight. After Monica tells Rachel that she’s lost her eyelash curler, Joey realises that Monica and Chandler are in a relationship (as the manager of the hotel in which Chandler stayed in had informed Joey that there was an eyelash curler left in Chandler’s room). He is happy for them but shocked, and begrudgingly agrees to keep the secret.


The One with the Yeti

Phoebe receives a fur coat from her mother. At first she wants to get it cremated, but then starts to get attached to it. Monica and Rachel look for a waffle maker in the basement, the light falters and they see a very hairy guy, whom they mistake for a yeti. He then turns out to be their new neighbor, Danny. Emily’s demands start to get more and more unreasonable as Ross is forced to move out of the apartment and sell his furniture as Emily doesn’t want him living anywhere near Rachel or own anything that’s been touched by her. As he enjoys dinner with the gang, Emily calls Ross and her reaction upon learning Rachel is there makes him realize she doesn’t trust him. In the end, the two agree that their marriage is over.


The One Where Ross Moves In

Having already given up his apartment and with Emily’s cousin kicking him out, Ross is homeless. Chandler and Joey are more than happy to let him move in with them but when he starts to get on their nerves they start to show him unsuitable apartments in an attempt to get him out. Phoebe dates a health inspector who keeps shutting the restaurants they go to. At first she revels in his power, but begins to tire when he starts shutting down her favourite restaurants and when it appears Central Perk is going to suffer the same fate Phoebe decides enough is enough. Rachel and Monica are invited to their new neighbor Danny’s party but Rachel is reluctant to go.


The One with All the Thanksgivings

It’s Thanksgiving, and everybody has flashbacks of their worst thanksgiving. Phoebe recalls her Thanksgiving in 1862, which happened in one of her "past lives". Rachel reveals Monica’s worst Thanksgiving, at which Monica accidentally cut off Chandler’s little toe. When Monica tries to get Chandler to forgive her, he accidentally reveals that he’s in love with her and quickly tries to retract it.


The One with Ross’s Sandwich

With his second marriage having failed before it began and currently homeless, Ross can feel the stress building up. When his boss eats (and throws away some of) his last Thanksgiving sandwich at work he erupts and earns himself indefinite leave. Joey, still the only person aware of Monica and Chandler’s secret relationship, finds himself constantly having to cover for them after Chandler’s underwear is found in Monica’s apartment and a nude picture of Monica is left in his kitchen but this starts to make him look like a sexual deviant. Joey soon tires of this and looks ready to spill the beans but can’t go through with it, instead getting revenge by saying that Monica had slept with him in London and has been stalking him ever since. Phoebe attends literature classes which she wants to learn seriously but Rachel, who accompanies her takes it as nothing more than some fun. The two soon agree that as Phoebe is taking it seriously, Monica should go instead only for her to end up sucking all the fun out of it with her competitive nature.


The One with the Inappropriate Sister

Phoebe volunteers to help collect money for the poor during Christmas time but finds that many people take advantage of the tin either to get change or to dispose of trash, causing her to call upon ’Street Phoebe’ to deal with them. Ross, with nothing to do now that he’s not working, helps Joey write a screenplay. However, his constant pushing of Joey sparks up an argument with Chandler. Rachel starts dating Danny, but is put off by his very close relationship with his sister.


The One with All the Resolutions

The gang makes New Year’s resolutions: Chandler cannot make fun of his friends, Rachel will gossip less, Ross will do something new daily, Joey will learn to play the guitar, Phoebe will pilot a commercial jet and Monica resolves to take more pictures of all the friends together. However Rachel’s resolution is put to the test when she overhears Monica and Chandler talks and learns of their relationship. Soon she and Joey find out the other knows, much to their mutual relief since they can now talk about it. Phoebe tries to teach Joey how to play the guitar, however her teaching method is so unorthodox (not even letting him hold the guitar) that he soon starts looking for another teacher. Ross decides to wear leather pants to a date but this backfires as the pants shrink and he finds himself unable to put them back on during a date after he has gone to the bathroom.


The One with Chandler’s Work Laugh

Monica finds out that Chandler kisses up to his boss at work and starts to lose respect for him, but behind her back, Rachel is trying to get Monica to confess her secret. However, when she doesn’t, Rachel feels hurt that Monica is apparently unwilling to confide in her. Ross learns Emily is engaged again, and has a one-night stand with someone the group is all too familiar with, Janice. Later, Janice breaks up with him though, as she ironically "can’t take another second of [his] whining."


The One with Joey’s Bag

Phoebe’s grandmother dies, and she is shocked when her father turns up at the funeral. Wanting to know more about him, she decides to arrange an encounter without telling him her identity. With an audition coming up, Joey wants to look good but doesn’t feel he has a ’style’. Rachel steps in to help out, and convinces Joey to start carrying a "man’s bag" to help him get the part. Joey soon starts loving the bag, but to everyone else he just looks like a man carrying a purse. Monica is upset that Chandler doesn’t like her massages, but her competitive nature is placated when Chandler says she gives the "best bad massages."


The One Where Everybody Finds Out

It’s a sad day as Ugly Naked Guy is moving out, and Ross decides to apply to sublet his apartment. Phoebe finds out about Monica and Chandler after seeing them through Ugly Naked Guy’s window and although Joey is happy that now they can just confront them, Rachel and Phoebe instead decide to pretend Phoebe is romantically interested in Chandler, so as to make them confess. Monica and Chandler realize something’s up so they play along. Ross finds out that quite a few people are interested in Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment and goes to extremes to win him over. Eventually the competition between Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Rachel comes to a head, and Chandler and Monica admit that they love each other. Despite this, they still wish to keep their relationship a secret from Ross ... but it isn’t long before he finds out too.


The One with the Girl Who Hits Joey

Ross is initially furious upon learning of Chandler and Monica’s relationship, but quickly comes round when he learns it is serious. Joey dates a girl who likes to punch him (Soleil Moon Frye). Ross gets off on the wrong foot with his new neighbors when he, not unreasonably, refuses to contribute towards the retiring superintendent’s collection. Chandler and Monica have problems with their relationship after everyone jokes around about marriage. Monica is upset that Chandler refuses to consider getting married one day, and he becomes so worried about losing her that he hastily proposes. Monica turns him down telling him that while she wants him to be open to the idea of getting married one day, they certainly aren’t ready yet (much to Chandler’s relief).


The One with the Cop

Phoebe finds a police badge at the coffeehouse and has fun pretending she’s a cop – until she pulls it on the owner, a cop named Gary, who later successfully asks her out for dinner. Ross buys a new couch, but refuses to pay the huge delivery fee. As a result, he and Rachel struggle to lift it up to his apartment and Ross soon wishes he’d just paid the money. Joey thinks he is in love with Monica, after having a romantic dream about her. However, Monica later reasons with him that this is not the case, and that Joey actually wants a serious relationship, similar to Monica and Chandlers’.


The One with Rachel’s Inadvertent Kiss

Rachel interviews with Ralph Lauren and accidentally kisses her interviewer and prospective boss – Mr. Zelner. Monica wants to prove that she and Chandler are a hotter couple than Phoebe and her new boyfriend. Joey flirts with a girl across the street—in Ross’s building, but when he goes to meet her, he instead ends up visiting Ross all the time, due to a miscalculation with the floor number.


The One Where Rachel Smokes

Rachel tries to take up smoking so she’ll feel more included at work with her boss and co-worker. Joey auditions for a soup commercial with Ben playing his son, however the director pairs Ben with another father and eventually Joey is left in the uncomfortable position of going up against his friend’s son. Monica and Phoebe throw a birthday party for Rachel, and Phoebe gets upset about Monica taking charge, so when they agree to work together, Phoebe goes all out, when she is in charge of cups and ice.


The One Where Ross Can’t Flirt

Ross has trouble flirting with the pizza delivery girl. So he orders lots of pizzas to try to gain her attention. Joey invites his grandmother over to watch his role on Law & Order – but his part’s been cut. So he films his own 2 min role while everybody is watching the show. Monica asks Phoebe for a pair of earrings that she lent her but Phoebe has lent them to Rachel who lost one.


The One with the Ride-Along

Ross, Joey and Chandler go on a ride-along with Phoebe’s cop boyfriend Gary, but in an attempt to save his sandwich from a car backfire, Joey unintentionally ends up saving Ross as well. Because of this, Chandler thinks that Joey cares more about Ross than Chandler — until he finds out Joey was only trying to save his sandwich. Meanwhile, stealing margarita ingredients from Ross’s apartment, Rachel intercepts a message from Emily who is about to get married but is having second thoughts and is considering giving Ross another chance. When Rachel accidentally deletes it she agonises over if she should tell Ross.


The One with the Ball

Phoebe learns that Gary is planning to ask her to move in with him and freaks out. She asks Chandler, as a commitment-phobe, to put him off however he can’t bring himself to do it after seeing the depth of Gary’s feelings. Phoebe ends up warming to the idea and agrees to move in, however the relationship ends on their first morning together when Gary shoots a bird tweeting outside the bedroom window. Rachel buys a hairless Sphinx cat for $1,000 but quickly regrets her purchase when all her friends make fun of it and the cat itself doesn’t like her. She eventually unloads the creature on Gunther, making a profit. Ross and Joey pass time by tossing a ball back and forth, and subsequently try to make a record of how long they can throw it, without dropping the ball. Their game is disrupted, however, when Monica feels the need to include herself. Chandler is called a ’Dropper’ when he wants to join the game.


The One with Joey’s Big Break

Joey borrows Phoebe’s taxicab to arrive on time at the production set of the upcoming film, located in Las Vegas. Chandler comes along with him, but then in the cab learns that Joey won’t get paid unless the movie is successful and remarks that he doesn’t think the movie will be the big break he is looking for. Furious at Chandler’s apparent lack of faith, he kicks him out of the cab and leaves him stranded on the bridge. Feeling guilty, Chandler later phones Joey and apologizes, however Joey doesn’t tell Chandler that he was right... production has been shut down due to lack of funds forcing him to get a job as a costumed Roman soldier at Caesars Palace. Meanwhile, Rachel has eye problems but is too resistant to receive eyedrops on her eyes; Phoebe is angry at Ross and can’t remember why, but refuses to make up leaving it to Ross to find out how he upset her.


The One in Vegas, part 1

Monica has lunch with Richard but doesn’t want to tell Chandler. She and Chandler go to Las Vegas for their anniversary, but Phoebe tags along to make up for her missing out on the London trip. They find out that Joey is working as a gladiator in a casino while the recording for his movie has been postponed. Rachel takes Phoebe’s advice and wanders around in her apartment naked, which Ross mistakes as an invitation to "the physical act of love." To get back at Rachel for making fun of him, he attempts to embarrass her on the flight to Las Vegas; mishap ensues.


The One in Vegas, part 2

When Ross and Rachel arrive in Vegas, they get drunk. Joey discovers his "identical hand twin" and decides that he can make money off him so he can fund his delayed movie. Phoebe feuds with a slots "lurker" and gets thrown out of the casino, though she returns, posing as "Regina Phalange". Chandler and Monica contemplate marriage, and almost go through with it – until they see Ross and Rachel drunkenly stumbling out of the chapel, with Ross throwing rice and Rachel with a white bouquet of flowers.

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