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Community tv sitcom review
Community tv sitcom review
Community tv sitcom review
Community tv sitcom review

Lawyer Jeff Winger is suspended by his company after they discovered that he lied about possessing a bachelor’s degree. He signs up to Greendale Community College to earn the degree and meets group of extraordinary people.

Community is very unusual comedy series (at least as for American show) - the first season seemed rather underdeveloped with interesting characters, who... have nothing interesting to do or show. The episodes were centered around Jeff and the plots involved his slack approach to the college. Rest of the characters were showing the symptoms of completely unexplainable devotion towards Jeff and overall the episodes were very repetitive.

With time the characters of Troy and Abed were used more often, Annie and Shirley finally showed some signs of actually having the personalities, the romantic plot between Jeff and Britta was finished and all of those changes slightly improved the show, but instead of moving towards the comedy Community became unusual and very original show, that is hard to be described as comedy series. It contains a lot of parodies, a lot of original ideas and presents the plots in interesting way... but at the same time it is often pretentious, the humour is contrived and not really funny.

The series has cult followers, who analyze each scene for deeper meaning and hidden meta-jokes, but honestly it is part of the pretentious nature of the show. Once you get gripped Community is fun to watch, but just don’t expect a typical sitcom.


Community comedy series6.0


Community funny4 / 10


Community entertaining4 / 5


Community characters4 / 5


Community nonrepetitive3 / 5

Seasons of Community

2009 Season 1
2010 Season 2
2011 Season 3
2013 Season 4
2014 Season 5
2015 Season 6

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