Hut 33

2000s British radio comedy series

Series 3  - Hut 33 radio comedy series episodes guide
Series 3  - Hut 33 radio comedy series episodes guide
Series 3  - Hut 33 radio comedy series episodes guide

What did you do during the war, daddy? I was sitting in a hut, I can’t tell you where, I can’t tell you what I was doing, but it was vital for the war effort...

Hut 33 Series 3 (2009)

It’s 1942 and the situation on the fronts of World War 2 is still uncertain for the Allied. But in Hut 33 it’s business as usual...


Know Thyne Enemy

Hut 33 tries a new approach to their work - they plan to gather informations about the message sender to make it easier to guess what letter he will use as a setting for Enigma machine.


Big Machine

Gordon comes up with a machine that would make the codebreaking easier, but in fact it makes the Hut 33 on a list of expendables.


Back to Your Post

According to new rules every British citizen that has German relatives could be placed under internment. Charles has a German relative and Archie drops unsubtle hints about it...


Spitfire Poker

While Hut 33 was raising money for the Spitfire plane Charles loses most of it in card game.


Unlucky for Some

While trying to prove that there isn’t such thing as bad luck Archie causes their reassignment to Hut 13 that is... haunted.


Entente Cordiale

French resistance member, a young woman, persuaded Hut 33 staff to take part in secret mission in France.

Seasons of Hut 33

2007 Series 1
2008 Series 2
2009 Series 3

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