Hut 33

2000s British radio comedy series

Series 2  - Hut 33 radio comedy series episodes guide
Series 2  - Hut 33 radio comedy series episodes guide
Series 2  - Hut 33 radio comedy series episodes guide

What did you do during the war, daddy? I was sitting in a hut, I can’t tell you where, I can’t tell you what I was doing, but it was vital for the war effort...

Hut 33 Series 2 (2008)

The team of Hut 33 got to know each other, which... didn’t help much their relationships.


Royal Visit

The Duke of Kent is expected to visit Bletchley Park, but since he is Nazi sympathiser, it is up to Hut 33 to hide any decoding machines from him, which puts Archie in rather uncomfortable position.


Pigs N’ Spivs

Due to meat shortages Archie and Charles are desperate enough to turn to black market for supplies. But black market has it’s own rules...


Yellow Fever

Hut 33 staff have to get their yellow fever vaccinations, but due to their reluctance they end up in quarantine.


Where Boffins Dare

Hut 33 members are desperate to show their initiative when they intercept informations about German spy, who will land nearby.


Getting Heavy

The new inter-hut league tables shows that Hut 33 is at the rock bottom. Charles and Archie have a plan to change that situation...


Yankee Diddle

When American officer is temporarily assigned to Hut 33, Charles tries to make use of his ignorance about United Kingdom to earn some money.

Seasons of Hut 33

2007 Series 1
2008 Series 2
2009 Series 3

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