Rules of Engagement

2000s tv sitcom

Season 7  - Rules of Engagement tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 7  - Rules of Engagement tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 7  - Rules of Engagement tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 7  - Rules of Engagement tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 7  - Rules of Engagement tv sitcom episodes guide

Three couples and three different kinds of relationships - married Jeff and Audrey, engaged Adam and Jennifer plus womanizer Russell and his tormented assistant Timmy.

Rules of Engagement Season 7 (2013)


Liz Moves In

Liz sublets her apartment above the Binghams, which delights Jeff until he learns that she needs a place to stay for a few weeks and Audrey lets Liz move in. Initially uncomfortable with the situation, Jeff changes his tune after Liz constantly harps on Audrey to treat her man better. Adam and Timmy become overly competitive when a ping-pong table is installed in the company’s break room. Meanwhile, Jennifer is having recurring sex dreams about Russell.


Taking Names

When Audrey learns that Russell recently slept with a young woman named Madison, a name she was considering for her baby girl, she asks Russell to list the names of all the women he’s slept with. Thus begins an exhaustive search (with Timmy’s help) for a girl name that hasn’t been "tainted" by Russell. Meanwhile, a simple desire to start bike-riding together with Jennifer has Adam going all-out on an expensive bicycle and gear, and embarrassing himself and Jennifer in the process.


Cats & Dogs

Liz wants to have a baby, and after exhausting all of her options, she turns to a familiar source for help. Timmy gets advice on dating a co-worker from Jeff, who insists he must act like an "alpha dog" to attract the woman. Meanwhile, Adam ruins the wedding dress that Jennifer’s mom had shipped to the apartment, and he enlists Audrey’s help to get the dress repaired without Jennifer knowing.



Unknowingly, Jeff consumes a pot cupcake from Adam and Jennifer’s apartment and suspects he is having a heart attack. Meanwhile, Russell tricks Timmy into accompanying him on his date with a young beauty and her mother.


Fountain of Youth

When Russell agrees to go with Timmy to a place "to meet some women", it isn’t quite what he expected. Jeff’s excursion to meet up with his old college buddies also fails to live up to expectations, but Audrey helps him salvage the trip. Meanwhile, Adam tries to coax his new pet cockatoo into doing stunts for a viral internet video.


Baby Talk

Audrey starts talking to Brenda’s baby bump in an effort to bond with her unborn daughter, which Jeff thinks is ridiculous. But when he fears that the baby may favor Audrey, Jeff gets into the act. Russell takes an article on the NYC real estate market that Timmy wrote and publishes it in the Wall Street Journal under his own name. In typical Russell fashion, he then uses the ensuing press conference as an opportunity to pick up female reporters. Meanwhile, Adam and Jennifer want to use Russell’s beach house in the Bahamas for their honeymoon, but are discouraged when it comes with "conditions."


Role Play

Jeff’s propensity to procrastinate on or simply forget Audrey’s requests has landed him in hot water, so he has to devise an elaborate ruse to keep her from discovering his latest screw-up. Adam tries to get Timmy interested in The Three Stooges, but Timmy fails to see the humor. Meanwhile, Liz confesses to Russell that she is a sex addict. She gets him to join her at a meeting for other addicts, which Russell views as just another opportunity to pick up horny women.



Brenda is catering a lecture by a visiting author at Columbia University, and has extra passes for Jeff and Audrey to attend. Having been denied acceptance into Columbia many years ago, Audrey desperately wants to show she belongs. But when Brenda’s catering help doesn’t show, Audrey has to fill in as a waitress while Jeff tends bar. Timmy’s parents are visiting and he invites only Adam and Jennifer to a dinner with them, deliberately leaving out Russell. But Russell crashes the dinner and impresses Timmy’s parents with his politeness and knowledge of Indian culture, while Timmy tries to convince his parents that Russell is not what he appears to be. Meanwhile, Adam tries to prove he can handle highly-pungent Indian food.


Cooking Class

Jeff and Audrey join Adam and Jennifer’s cooking class, but a competition ensues after Jennifer critcizes Audrey’s cooking. Meanwhile, Timmy is freaked out by the similarities between him and Russell’s new Indian girlfriend, Radha.


Unpleasant Surprises

Jennifer pushes the guys to throw a bachelor party for Adam, when she learns that they’re not planning on doing so. When the guys’ plans are derailed by a stalled subway train, they are forced to improvise. Meanwhile, Jeff and Audrey are taken aback by the graphic mural that Jennifer has painted for their nursery.


Timmy Quits

When Russell seemingly knows Timmy’s every move, Timmy discovers that Russell had a tracking chip implanted in him during a routine exam. Timmy decides this is the last straw and he packs up and quits. An old female college friend of Jeff’s is in town, and Audrey is convinced that the woman still has feelings for Jeff. Elsewhere, Adam is having a hard time choosing whether Jeff or Russell should be his best man. Then later selects Jeff.


A Wee Problem

Jeff vows to make Brenda wet herself, when he learns how pregnancy affects the female bladder. Meanwhile, Timmy adjusts to his new job and Russell hires a new assistant. Elsewhere, Jennifer needs to get wedding-crazed Adam out of their apartment, so she asks Audrey to take him along on her spa day.



Brenda unexpectedly goes into labor on the day of Jennifer and Adam’s wedding. Meanwhile, Timmy receives a call that informs him that Russell didn’t file the papers on his work visa and he may be deported. Jennifer and Adam look for a sign as to whether they should get married at all, as she frets that these distractions are a sign not to. Just then, a priest walks by, prompting them to wed in the hospital chapel. After Timmy informs everyone that he is being deported, Russell has an idea while Jennifer and Adam say their vows, and he proposes marriage to Timmy to stop his deportation. Audrey visits Jeff while he is cradling their daughter, saying she is pregnant. Jeff announces the news to everyone and the final scene shows Audrey and Jeff in bed, negotiating over who has to feed the baby.

Seasons of Rules of Engagement

2007 Season 1
2007 Season 2
2008 Season 3
2009 Season 4
2010 Season 5
2011 Season 6
2013 Season 7

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