nerd comedy series

IT Crowd tv sitcom nerd comedy series
IT Crowd
Two freaks from IT department of big company one day were put in awkward situation - newly appointed woman, who knows nothing about computers is put in charge of them. But that change can actually be blessing for them.
Dexter’s Laboratory tv comedy series nerd comedy series
Dexter’s Laboratory
Dexter is a boy genius that hides a medium scale secret laboratory within suburban house of his parents. There is nothing he can’t do if he puts his mind to it... Unless his sister Dee Dee won’t break it first.
Big Bang Theory tv sitcom nerd comedy series
Big Bang Theory
The lifes of four really geeky workers of university in Pasadena changes completely when they meet Penny, a actually normal girl. For them nothing is gonna be the same as before.
Dweebs tv sitcom nerd comedy series
Computer genius Warren Mosbey finally moves his company from his garage to an office building and hires Carey as office manager. A woman in their company is quite a shock, especially since all his employee are socially inept men.
Lab Rats tv sitcom nerd comedy series
Lab Rats
Staff of a science lab at St Dunstan’s University is unusual set of characters - from eccentric Nobel winning professor, who seems to passed it, to Dutch born dean, who is nothing but weird.
Better Off Ted tv sitcom nerd comedy series
Better Off Ted
Huge corporation Veridian Dynamics is one of those enterprises that produce everything and know everything. Here we see the people behind it.
Hello Ladies tv sitcom nerd comedy series
Hello Ladies
Clumsy and extremely unlucky Englishman in California tries to blend in and find the girl of his dreams.
The Inbetweeners tv sitcom nerd comedy series
The Inbetweeners
After divorce of his parents Will moves from private school to public one and meets three new friends - all of them exactly as socially awkward as him.
My First Planet radio comedy series nerd comedy series
My First Planet
First human colony is established on planet XB1174, but the crew is gonna face the problems they did not expected to face.

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