The Dustbinmen

1960s British tv sitcom

The Dustbinmen tv sitcom 1970
The Dustbinmen tv sitcom 1970
The Dustbinmen tv sitcom 1970
The Dustbinmen tv sitcom 1970
The Dustbinmen tv sitcom 1970

Number 3 Gang - four completely different dustbin men (or how they prefer to be called refuse collectors), who have one thing in common - they devote their time to skiving and scheming to earn some money or at least drive their depot inspector mad.


The Dustbinmen comedy series6.0

Series creators

Jack Rosenthal


1969 - 1970


United Kingdom


25 minutes per episode




the story takes place in ManchesterGreater Manchester, EnglandUnited Kingdom

Series tags

working classstaffskivingabsurdalwomanizersurrealswindle

The Dustbinmen trivia


Just like later Porridge, The Dustbinmen used the pseudo-profanity - it would be hardly realistic for the dustbin men not to swear during their work, but at the same time in 1960s no television would broadcast a series that would contain profanity, so the creators came up with made up words that replaced the swearing, f.e. "piggin’ or "bog off".

Original play

Series was developed by Jack Rosenthal from his ITV Playhouse play called There’s a Hole in Your Dustbin, Delilah. He turned it into first series, but during the second series he more or less deserted the project to work on his next sitcom, The Lovers.

Seasons of The Dustbinmen

1969 Series 1
1970 Series 2
1970 Series 3

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 The Dustbinmen

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