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Season 1  - Dweebs tv sitcom episodes guide

Computer genius Warren Mosbey finally moves his company from his garage to an office building and hires Carey as office manager. A woman in their company is quite a shock, especially since all his employee are socially inept men.

Dweebs Season 1 (1995)

Warren Mosbey, computer genius, moves his company Cyberbyte from garage to a office building, but he does not forsee hom much changes it will make.



Software company staff and their eccentric boss move from a garage to office building. Carey, the woman that he hired to be a office manager, knows nothing about computer. Or to be exact she knows as much about computer as rest of the staff knows about social life.


The Privacy Show

Carey is angry when the guys use their computer skills to do a background check on her new boyfriend.


The Birthday Party Show

Carey persuades the guys to come to her birthday party and meet some of her friends, but it shows that those two worlds should never mix.


The Cyrano Show

Carey assumes the internet identity of verbally challenged Warren and chats on his behalf with a flirty woman. Unfortunately she is doing so well that the woman wants to meet Warren.


The Bad Back Show

When a back injury keeps Carey at home and immobilized, the guys fight over who will get to play nursemaid.


The Crush Show

Vic realizes he’s head over heels for Carey and suffers the pangs of unrequited love as she only has eyes for Ben.


The Noreen Sleeps with Warren Show

After Noreen has an eventful evening with Warren, Carey wonders if her other co-workers are more than just innocent nerds.


The Bad P.R. Show

When Cyberbyte releases a software program that’s riddled with bugs, Warren’s mishandling of the resulting media attention creates a full-blown PR disaster.


The Karl’s Crisis Show

Karl’s attempt at a nightclub to prove he is not ready to retire, lands him in trouble.


The Actress Show

Seasons of Dweebs

1995 Season 1

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