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Season 1  - Dads tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 1  - Dads tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 1  - Dads tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 1  - Dads tv sitcom episodes guide

Eli and Warner are successful computer game industry businessman, happy with their lives and their livestyles. But everything changes when suddenly their fathers have to move in with them.

Dads Season 1 (2013)

Huge surprise awaits Eli and Warner, two successful game industry businessman - their fathers are forced to move in with them.



Lives of two computer game industry businessman is changed when their fathers are forced to move in with them.


Heckuva Job, Brownie

Since they are desperate to come up with idea for new game Warner and Veronica encourage Eli to get stoned on pot brownies, but soon they discover it could also help with their other problem.


Clean on Me

Eli soon realizes how big mistake he has made when he lended Edna, his cleaner, to Warner. Veronica hires Crawford, Warner’s father, as an intern at the office.


Funny Girl

Eli dates Veronica’’s friend Anne, an attractive but really annoying comedian.



Concerned about their dads’ health, Warner and Eli takes them to get physicals, but Warner begins to worry about his mortality when the doctor dies before giving him his test results.


My Dad’s Hotter Than Your Dad

To avoid any risk or sexual harassment problems Warner hires an older woman, Janet, as a new assistant at the office, but the plan surprisingly backfires.


Foul Play

When his father inadvertently brings bedbugs into the house Eli is forced to sleep in the office. Warner has his own problems when his wife Camilla is casted as lead in local play.


Doubles Trouble

Annual Virtual Tennis Tournament puts a friendship of Eli and Warner to a test when Warner choses his wife as partner in the game.


Comic Book Issues

Eli’s comic book collection is stolen, which leads to a surprising revelation.


Dad Abuse

When David (Eli’s father) gets slightly hurt after accidental fall social workers begin theie investigation suspecting elder abuse.


The Glitch That Stole Christmas

Eli and Warner fire one of their employees just before Christmas season, so he gets his revenge by placing offensive content in their new game.


Mister Edna

David exposes Edna, the cleaner, as an illegal immigrant during an immigration-related bust of a sweat shop in the building.


Eli Nightingale

Warner tells Veronica to go home since she’s sick and he’s a germaphobe. Eli takes care of Veronica, hoping that his kindness will lead to them sleeping together.


Bully Gene

Eli dates Elsa, a single mother, whose 12-year-old son, Gene, bullies Eli and causes trouble by stealing the prototype for the latest game.


Baby Face

Warner is left home alone - his wife goes out of town to visit her sister, he sent his father to a hotel - but when he uses social media the results in big surprise for him.


Warner’s Got It Made

Eli and Warner hire Johnny, a mob boss, to consult on a new mafia game they are working on.


Enemies of Bill

Camilla insists that the whole family has to quit drinking after Crawford got drunk and accidentally ruined the couch.


Have a Heart... Attack!

Eli and Edna both ignore David’s constant complaining, until he ends up in the hospital following a heart attack.


Jerk in the Box

Eli is still dealing with jealousy over Veronica’s engagement to her new boyfriend, while David plans his own funeral.

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2013 Season 1

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